Cash & More is an Arizona money order and check cashing company that can assist customers with several financial services. At Cash & More, we provide unlimited, free money orders and automotive services. Here are some common questions about our Arizona financial services:

How much are money orders at Cash & More?

We offer unlimited money orders for all of our customers.

How much do you charge for check cashing?

At Cash & More, we charge only 1% plus $2 for most payroll checks. For all other checks, we charge 2% plus $2.

Do you cash government checks?

Cash & More cashes all government checks, including veterans benefits, government pension benefits and child support payments.

What auto services do you offer at Cash & More?

We offer several automotive services at our store locations, including title transfers, registration renewal and license plates.

Do you offer direct deposit?

Yes, we offer free direct deposit for those customers who use our pre-paid debit cards. Customers can have their payroll checks directly deposited onto their debit cards.

Do you work with any insurance or money transfer companies?

Yes, we are affiliated with AssuranceAmerica, FISCA, MoneyGram and Western Union.

For more information on our Arizona financial services, contact Cash & More today.