Pre-Paid Debit Card

The Cash & More pre-paid debit cards work just like a checking account. Each Visa pre-paid debit card is FDIC insured and allows users to keep money safe in an account. Users of this debit card no longer have to keep all of their money in their wallets. After applying with Cash & More, you will receive a debit card with a logo, just as you would through a bank. Cards are accepted worldwide & are reloadable.  You can unload your entire balance at any Cash & More location (unlike the limits for withdrawal at an ATM).  You can also access cash at millions of ATMs, and we offer same day replacement for lost or stolen cards at any of our Cash & More locations.

Short on funds? No need to worry, as the Cash & More pre-paid debit cards offer overdraft protection for a small fee.

At Cash & More, we understand how important it is to have your money on-time. We offer safe and secure direct deposit from your payroll checks to your pre-paid debit card for the low monthly fee of $4.95

The Cash & More pre-paid debit cards are FDIC insured, meaning they are backed by the government. Users can rest easy knowing their money is in a safe place.

Cards can be linked to PayPal accounts to shop online or to pay bills.

To learn more about our pre-paid debit cards, contact Cash & More